Business for sale in Spain.

Business for sale in Spain. Buying a business in Spain is a relatively straightforward process, particularly if you are well-advised and are dealing with professionals with first-hand experience in the market.

Red Rose Property Spian Spain offers impartial advice and helps you through every step of the process, and the golden rule we tell all clients is this “If you wouldn’t do it in your own country, don’t do it here in Spain”

Use our expertise when buying a business in Spain.

Business Planning – It is important to know your business, we are helping you to you understand how much your business is really earning and is critical in the preparation of a sale. 

Supplier Negotiations – if you are buying a shop, a bar or a restaurant, you will want to make sure that you get the best terms and prices from your suppliers. We will make sure that you can buy your products at the best prices thus making certain that you run your new business as profitably as possible.

Lease Negotiations – we will negotiate favorable lease terms with the landlord of your business where the business to be purchased is in rented premises.

Legal assistence – whether it’s your NIE number, your leasecontract or creating your new business in Spain. We will help you with the right lawfirm and lawyers. We can offer you the help of our lawfirm in Malaga.

Business for sale in Spain.

Have a look at the latest businesses we have for sale now here in Spain at the Costa del Sol. When interested in buying a business in Spain, just contact us today. When you can’t find the business in Spain what your looking for at this moment then please use our property finders wish list and we’ll get back to you with a possible interesting offer.

Buy a business in Spain with a mortgage.

Do you need a mortgage to buy or acquire your new business in Spain then we might be able to help you out. Just fill in the mortgage application form ( complete online ) and you will find out the same day.


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Buying a business in Spain with Red Rose Property Spain.
Buying a business in Spain

A new life under the sun in Spain and working in your Spanish business.

 Foreigners, both from the European Union (EU) and outside the EU, can start and thus acquire, buy a business in Spain, but the process and requirements may differ. For EU nationals, the process is more straightforward. There are no restrictions on the type or size of business you can start. We are the premier Business Agent in Spain

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