Buying a property in Spain after BREXIT

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Buying a property in Spain after brexit

Buying a property in Spain after BREXIT for U.K. residents.

Can Brits still buy a property in Spain after Brexit? 

Yes, absolutely. The nationality of the buyer does not affect their capacity to purchase a property in the country. As long as they find a seller, agree on a price, and are willing to pay that specific price, the property will be theirs.

Buying property in Spain after Brexit is a hot topic. For those considering it, it is important to understand whether you will still have the right to buy, what the tax implications are and whether you can visit your Spanish property as you please.

You do need to have a Spanish NIE number to purchase a property in Spain, we can help you with that !

Buying a property in Spain after brexit

Buying a property in Spain after Brexit will not cost you any more money

The cost of buying a property in Spain is the same whether you are a Spanish national, a national of the UK, or a national of the USA or China.  The costs of buying a property in Spain. are not affected by your nationality. 

Broadly speaking, the costs of buying a property in Spain are the purchase tax, the Notary’s fee, the property registry fee and some small miscellaneous expenses.  These are the same for anyone who buys a property in Spain and is not affected by Brexit. 

Do you need a mortgage to buy a property in Spain ?

Also as U.K. national after the BREXIT it is possible to apply for a mortgage. Just fill in the ( pre-approved ) mortgage application on our website and you will find out immediately what your possibilities are.

You still have the right to buy a property in Spain to rent it out after Brexit

In Spain your right to do what you wish with a property that you own is not affected by your nationality.  If you wish to buy a property in Spain to rent out whether short term or long term, then you are still able to use the property for that purpose after Brexit, according to the rules applicable in each autonomous community. 

What has changed is the rate at which you pay tax upon the rental income that you earn in Spain.  EU residents pay tax on rental income in Spain at the rate of 19%.  Brexit means that UK residents are obliged to pay tax at the same rate as non EU citizens, which is currently 24%. 

Whereas prior to Brexit you could reduce the amount chargeable to tax by deducting allowable expenses of the rental, that is no longer possible for UK residents who will be bound to pay 24% of the gross rental income in tax. 

It is important to note, however, that you will be able to set off the tax paid in Spain against your UK tax bill for the same income. 

However you are taxed on income received from your Spanish property, it will remain essential that you rent out your property in accordance with the local laws. 

If you buy a property in Spain you are still required to pay tax after Brexit

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  Even Brexit cannot remove the certainty that if you own property in Spain you are obliged to pay tax.  As you will have seen above, an effect of Brexit is that the rate of taxation has increased.

However, many of the taxes you are obliged to pay in relation to property ownership in Spain remain unchanged. 

The main taxes you will encounter as a property owner in Spain are purchase tax, IBI (similar to council tax) and VAT (called IVA in Spain), all of which are charged at the same level no matter what your nationality.

You are still able to visit your property in Spain regularly after Brexit.

Before Brexit, as EU citizens, UK nationals benefited from freedom of movement, meaning that they had the freedom to live and work in any country within the European Union, including Spain. 

Many Brits took advantage of that freedom of movement in order to start a new life in Spain, or to retire to Spain.  The thought that this has become difficult after Brexit is very concerning for many who are considering buying property in Spain. 

It has never been necessary for UK citizens travelling to Spain for a holiday to require a visa or any other travel document than their passport.  That situation has not changed. 

According to the current rules, UK nationals can travel to Spain at any time as tourists, provided they do not stay longer than 90 days in any 180 day period. 

If UK nationals want to stay in Spain for longer than that period, then they will need to apply for permission to do so, in respect of which please look at our moving to Spain as U.K. national  pages  where you can read about long term stays in Spain, or relocating to Spain.

We can help you with your applications when you’re interested to relocate from U.K. to Spain or when you want to become Spanish resident.

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