Jardines Almenara Lorca

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Jardines Almenara Lorca

Jardines Almenara Lorca

For you who are looking for the home of your dreams, here are 20 reasons why our residential complex, Jardines Almenara, is the best option for you and your family. Located in the charming city of Lorca, Spain, our residential offers you from a brand new urbanization to the convenience of having all the services at your fingertips.

Every detail has been thought out to offer you an exceptional quality of life. Read on and discover why you should choose Jardines Almenara as your next home.

1. Brand new development

Imagine that not only your new home is ready to move into, but also the entire development of which it is a part. Here, the streets, sidewalks, green areas and outdoor spaces are all brand new and designed for you to enjoy a superior quality of life.

2. Uncomplicated access

Reach your home easily from the highway, enjoying direct and uncomplicated access. Forget about traffic circles and tolls, and experience the comfort of a stress-free journey to your new residence in our urbanization.

3. Good value for money

In our development, you get much more for your money: space, tranquility, security, comfort and a superior quality of life. You’re not just buying a home, you’re investing in a lifestyle.

4. Excellent qualities and finishes

Imagine that not only your new home is ready to move into, but also the entire development of which it is a part. Here, the streets, sidewalks, green areas and all outdoor spaces are completely new and designed for you to enjoy a superior quality of life.

5. Proximity to the beach

Enjoy the proximity to golden sandy beaches, just 20 minutes from your home. Live the experience of having the sea just a step away, perfect for relaxing getaways and water activities, including Playa Las Delicias, Playa de la Colonia, Playa de Calarreona, Playa de la Higuerica and Playa Amarilla.

6. Totally enclosed urbanization

Enjoy the tranquility of living in a fully gated community with access control. Guarantee your security and privacy in an exclusive and protected environment

7. All services at your fingertips

Find all the necessary services very close to your home: supermarkets, restaurants, bars, cafes, a gas station and even the large Parque Almenara shopping center. Enjoy the convenience of having everything you need just minutes away.

8. A well-groomed environment

Stroll through impeccably maintained common areas and enjoy lush gardens. Reside in a place where the maintenance and beauty of the surroundings are a priority.

9. Ideal Climate

Forget about humidity and cold and cloudy days; this area offers an enviable climate. Experience the pleasure of living in one of the best climatic zones in Spain, perfect for your well-being, with sunshine almost all year round, a dry climate and warm temperatures, without the inconveniences of humid climates, which will allow you to enjoy your home and its surroundings to the fullest.

10. Affordable cost of living

You will be surprised with the affordable cost of living in our region, where you will find very competitive prices in food and restaurants. This will allow you to enjoy a comfortable and economical lifestyle in a charming environment, with all the advantages of living in Spain, all at a much lower cost than in other Spanish regions and even abroad, such as the UK and Netherlands.

11. Space and privacy

Escape the stress of the city and take refuge in the tranquility of your own space. Here, in addition to having your own garden, you will have plenty of space for a barbecue, a storage room and much more.

12. An area that is not overcrowded

Don’t settle for a small townhouse when you can enjoy a large plot with your own independent home. Live a life of luxury and privacy in a spacious villa, without the limitations of a crowded house.

13. Non-flood zone

Feel the tranquility of living in a non-flood zone, where its streets have enough slope and evacuation points so that in case of heavy rain it can be evacuated quickly.

Avoid flooding concerns by choosing a safe and well-planned development for you and your family’s peace of mind.

14. Well maintained infrastructure

Stroll along impeccable and well-maintained streets, where sidewalks and curbs are always in perfect condition. Enjoy tree-lined avenues and play with your children in well-kept playgrounds, ideal for families to find a safe and welcoming space.

15. Uncomplicated access

At Jardines Almenara, you will enjoy direct access without the stress of complicated traffic. Arrive at your home without worrying about traffic lights or traffic jams, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free arrival.

16. Quiet and safe life

Living in our urbanization is synonymous with tranquility. Enjoy a safe environment with all the essential services nearby, without the need to isolate yourself in the countryside or in the mountains.

17. One less thing to worry about

Are you concerned about the quality of your current home? Are the walls and floors not meeting your expectations? Do you feel that the construction is poor or the space is too cramped? Do you notice that the structure of the building is deteriorating? You deserve to live in a place that offers you security and solidity. In our homes, every detail has been carefully thought out to provide you with maximum comfort and peace of mind, ensuring that you enjoy a long-lasting, high-quality home.

18. A large shopping mall is waiting for you

Living near the Jardines Almenara Shopping Center offers you numerous benefits. You will find a perfect place for shopping, entertainment and leisure, with a wide variety of stores and activities. In addition, its strategic location offers excellent access by car, making your life more comfortable and convenient.

19. Ideal connection to nearby airports

Living in our residential means being close to several airports, which gives you great convenience for your travels. The International Airport of the Region of Murcia is only 45 minutes away by car, and the Alicante-Elche Airport is approximately one hour and twenty minutes away. This strategic location facilitates your travels, offering you multiple options to fly to both national and international destinations.

20. Private Swimming Pool

Having your own private pool at home means enjoying moments of relaxation and fun without leaving your home. Enjoy your private pool, accessible at any time of the year. Forget about crowded community pools and enjoy the freedom to swim whenever you want, with total privacy. You can cool off on hot days, organize get-togethers with friends and family, and stay in shape swimming at any time.

On this map you can discover the properties that are still available and those that have already found their happy owners. As you can see, most of our villas with fenced plot have been quickly reserved.

Available properties in jardines de Almenara

Contact us to learn more about the different housing options we have available that we have available and be part of this wonderful residential, home to Spanish, British, Belgian and Dutch people, who have also found here the home of their dreams.

We do offer more properties for sale in Murcia.

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