The Nota Simple

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The nota simple in Spain

The “Nota Simple” Indispensable document when buying home in Spain.

Simply put, a “nota simple” is a full and comprehensive property report that contains an officially verified description of a property that is up for sale. It can be obtained from your local property title registry office, or if you are a subscriber to their website, it can be downloaded online.

The nota simple is an extremely important document when purchasing a property in Spain. It contains information pertaining to the legal status of the property so, if you are an interested buyer, it outlines who the registered owner is, the property’s registered description, what – if any – legal charges or restrictions are registered against the property, and several other important pieces of information, including:

  • The date the current owners bought the property
  • Any debts on the property that must be settled before ownership can be transferred
  • The property’s defined boundaries
  • The total square metres of the land and the gross overall area of all built structures
  • The defined use of the property (residential, agricultural, etc.)
  • Any rights other users have on the property and land (rights of way, roads, water, etc.)
  • Any community costs for which the owner is liable

In some cases, the nota simple will also include the catastral reference.

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