Vetiver business in Spain.

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Vetiver business in Spain

Vetiver business in Spain, the explanation.

Vetiver business in Spain, Vetiver is a clumping grass that is used to fight erosion and to stabilise slopes.  Vetiver’s scientific name is Chrysopogon Zizanioides.  Our strain is also known as Monto or Sunshine and is a sterile non invasive plant.  Vetiver Spain has been cultivating and selling Vetiver throughout the EU for about 10 years.  

“Vetiver grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides) is a tropical clump grass with origin in south India. Its primary uses are for soil and water conservation, soil fertility enhancement, bio-engineeering, phytoremediation of contaminated land and water, disaster mitigation, and a byproduct supply for forage, fuel, handicrafts, and perfumery. It also sequesters significant quantities of atmospheric carbon. “

Vetiver business in Spain

Vetiver business in Spain. What is Vetiver Grass used for?

Vetiver grass can be used in many situations to protect soil (even sand) from erosion:

  • Along the coastline to protect the foreshore from King Tides and Storm Surges as Vetiver is significantly saline tolerant.
  • Bordering dams, creeks and drains, where Vetiver holds the banks in place and prevents collapse.
  • As a barrier against shallow flooding in low lying areas.
  • Vetiver can be planted to slow down surface water movement, alter flow direction, and promote better seepage for water table replenishment.
  • Cut Vetiver is a generous drought resistant resource for animal fodder. It can also be planted out for managed foraging.
  • In horticulture and kitchen gardening, Vetiver can serve as wind a break, a mulch resource, and as a hedge border for garden beds. Vetiver also significantly improves soil fertility and soil moisture retention if intercropped.
  • Compared to other options (such as building retaining walls), Vetiver is a cheap means to bio-engineer problem sites.

Villa in Sayalonga, Malaga for sale with Vetiver business.

At this very moment we have for sale a really huge villa with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a pool and amazing views in Sayalonga, Malaga. On a 10.000M² plot of land there are a huge number of Vetiver plants which are used for the production of Vetiver grass. The current owners have a net profit of over € 50.000 per year on this business ( this is after all costs for working labour and shipping )

We’re not just selling a property in Spain, we’re selling a dream come true !

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