VISA for British citizens in Spain.

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VISA for British citizens in Spain

VISA for British citizens in Spain. The Spanish Residency Requirements for Britisch citizens and UK nationals in 2024

Since the beginning of 2021, things have drastically changed for UK citizens wishing to move to Spain. An immigration procedure that before just lasted a few days now requires months and tedious requirements. Nevertheless, a lot of options still exist, and British citizens can still get their residency visas in Spain.

Buying a property in Spain after brexit

Do UK citizens need a VISA for entering Spain ?

If you are planning to visit Spain for less than 3 months there are a number of considerations you should take into account. In this case you can stay 6 months per year in Spain.

  • The first requirement you must meet is to present your biometric or magnetic reading passport.
  • You need to have confirmed accommodation for the days you will be within Spain.
  • Healthcare- / travel insurance, this insurance must cover any unexpected situation that may happen to you in Spain and guarantee your hospitalization or medical care.
  • When you enter Spain you must have both the plane ticket to Spain and the return one to the UK.
  • In addition, you must have the financial means to support yourself during the time you will be in Spain.

Non lucrative residency in Spain.

Without a doubt, the NON-lucrative visa for British citizen is one of the most popular residencies, both for those retiring in Spain and for those who do not wish to perform any kind of economic activity in the country (that is, work).

This 1-year residence permit (which can be then renewed) is granted to UK citizens as long as they hire private health insurance and demonstrate the possession of 26.000 euros in their bank account (minimum).

Those two easy-to-meet requirements make it the ideal path for many, especially because, even though it does not allow to work, it offers the possibility of moving to a work permit after 1 year of legal residence in the country.

A golden visa for Britisch citizens in Spain.

Then there is the Golden VISA or investor residency for UK citizens who wants to live in Spain. 

In this case, the investment residency is granted to those acquiring a property in the Spanish territory valued at over € 500.000.

It is a 2-year residence permit that also allows you to work in the country, and just requires you to visit Spain once per year in order for its renewal to be possible (unlike the rest of residencies, which require a minimum of 6 months in the country).

Minimum income required for British citizens to obtain their residency in Spain.

This may be one of the areas in which UK nationals are more affected. Before, as European Union citizens, they just had to demonstrate the possession of 6.000€ in order to get a valid residence permit. But now, as non-EU individuals, this amount has been largely increased. The exact sum will vastly depend on the type of residency you are applying to, but if we take one of the most common paths (the non-lucrative visa), the monetary requirement is set at a minimum of € 26.000€.

Again, it is important to understand that this amount may differ according to the specific visa you request (as, for example, when it comes to a student visa, that amount is just around € 7.000 per year). That is why we suggest you first check the specific requirements according to your particular case.

It’s important that you will be well adviced in all these steps. We can help you with the right lawyer here in Spain who speaks fluently English and is able to help you out with the right VISA for British citizens application for those who want to move to Spain. For the purchase of a property in Spain, you don’t need a VISA, just read our blog post.

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